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They find, fix, communicate well and charge very reasonable rates to do it! What more could you want from your auto repair shop?  Bob B.

​Auto Repair in Wilmington

OUTSTANDING SERVICE. Owned 3 vintage Datsun/Nissan Z's. Love the Zs and need an experienced mechanic to keep them happy.... Remember James @ Wilmington Nissan? Waited years for REAL troubleshooting support to be available again... KEVIN is simply amazing... Alice A.

Great atmosphere and exceptional service. Everything was repaired for far less than the Chevy dealership. Highly recommended for any car problem!  Marlon C.

Wow! I was so lucky to have found this gem of a repair facility. I am very careful about who I will let work on my Infiniti, and here is a shop where the owner's credentials include running an Infiniti and Nissan dealership shop.
The store is clean and well managed - polite and informed - I even had a call back on a Sunday after my M35's thermostat cooked my radiator. Monday afternoon I was back on the road for a fraction of the cost of sending it to the local dealership.  I recommend them without reservation. Deal with confidence.You will be well pleased.  Frank K.

We have a 1983 280ZX Nissan that we are starting the restore process. This car has sat for several years waiting for the right person or shop that could do this work in Wilmington. Well I have found this in Specialty Imports!
Kevin & Becky are a pleasure to work with and Kevin's knowledge of Nissan cars is #1 as far as I'm concerned and working with me.
This will be a on going project and the way you are treated there is outstanding. Customer is first at Specialty Imports and you feel like you are being treated Special not a number or a dollar figure only.
I also want to thank them both for coming to Wilmington and starting there business. We needed this kind of Auto repair bad here and they make repairing your car a pleasure NOT a headache.  Steve L.

​Our Specialty is Taking Care of You and Your Auto Repair

How many times have I ever left a mechanic shop amazed at the service experience? Very few, but I did today. Truly a pleasant experience. Got to go back in the service bay and see how low my brake pads were. I trust this shop!  Fran S.

CALL NOW 910-207-0250

It's been a long time since my wife has come away from a garage and had positive things to say about the experience. That in itself speaks volumes to how great the service at this garage was. From making the appointment on the phone to getting the car serviced, every thing was top notch. I was hoping that next time service was needed I'd be around and have the time to care for my baby myself, but after this experience I will be taking it back instead.  Steven P.


Had all 4 struts replaced and an alignment, they also found a worn out rear sway bar link. No other repair shop had mentioned the sway bar link as a problem. Now I have my Subaru back the way it was when new. GREAT service, quick turnaround. Exceptional work integrity.  Al M.